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Bookinton Social Readership Project

Did you ever feel alone

when reading a book?


Did you ever want to share the lines of a book that you enjoyed, with others reading the same book, at the same time with you?
Knowing you would not be able to read it again, did you ever store away a book on your bookshelf, instead of sharing it with someone who could have truly valued it?

Did you ever think to yourself: “I wish I could share this book with children hungry for books in rural Turkey”?
If there were only a mobile app, like Aladdin’s lamp, through which you would press a button and it would be readily answering, “tell me your wishes related to books, so I can grant them ! ” Well, there is actually a small group of volunteers who are working to enable this vision come to life.

We want to increase book popularity.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the coolest thing on Turkish soil was reading books.

Only 3% of books purchased in Turkey are actually read…

This really surprised us! We want to increase this rate. And wouldn’t it be nice if books reached more than one person and be read by more than one person?

(Even if your cat is seated next to you) Is reading something you do on your own?

Actually it doesn’t have to be that way… If there were only a way to reach and talk to other readers of the same book, at the same time…

If there were

book reading activities in parks, schools, cafés…

Is the act of reading a book just serving you,

or does it have a higher purpose of creating a value for others, contributing to their lifes, minds or emotions?

What if we could

critiquer, contribute to and maybe even actually 'rewrite' the book?

What if we could motivate others to take action on the basis of what we have learned from a book...

For example, what if we strengthen our culture and ability to work collectively, as a team?

What if we could reach all the intriguing details

related to the author of the book with just one click?

Who Are We?

We are a small group of volunteers who are working to increase the rate of book readership and sharing.

Burak İren

Our “Androider.” Has two cats and drops off books to various locations in Turkey with his bicycle. He reads, enlightens others and inspires them, too.

Cihan Kaya

A mentor. We haven’t quite figured him out. He runs. He gets everyone together then sets himself aside. He shares good ideas. Because he doesn’t have pets at home, we frequently witness him talking to cats on the streets.

Deniz Naba

We call him “network broker.” He knows everyone, no matter who we look for.

Gökhan Duyar

Despite being very busy, he quietly and thoughtfully does all our graphic work. He speaks a little and works a lot. He sometimes takes on the role of the tough client. As well as being the father of the name of this project, he is also of many street cats.

İdil Gönen

Project Manager and Project Analyst! The blood that is essential. Sometimes hard to find. We will create a cartoon of her serenity-filled eyes.

Mürsel Çavuş

The person who tossed over the first domino, the project visionary. Still in the process of trying to get used to the title of “project manager.” Her goal is to encourage children to read more no matter what! She suffers from cat bites by her home companion more than any other cat owner person we know.

Pınar Massena

A soulful volunteer. The first person who comes to mind when you think of “partner.” She makes big changes based on her good quality ideas.

Yasin Can Türkeri

The website guru who fixes all problems with a “yes, sure.”

Yunus Emre Gündüz

The person who is responsible for the cat marks on the mobile app. Night shift cartoonist.

Yeşim İlkin

The geneticist who convinces us that all problems can be solved with her analytical intelligence. Kenan and Arin’s mom. Canadian, American & Turkish world citizen, and the translator of this site.


The readership rate of books purchased in Turkey.


We watch 6 hours of television,

spend 3 hours on the internet

and only do 1-minute of reading.


The rank of “Reading a book”

is listed in Turkey.


The average number of books owned per person.

What We Need?

We need more volunteers, of course… If you would like to join us, simply contact us at